Kitchen utensils for children
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Kitchen utensils for children

Everything the little ones need for their first attempts at cooking

The chefs are the most important thing in the kitchen, but even the best need their own little helpers and these come in the form of utensils. Got what you need? Good! Now the kitchen team is well equipped to try out all the little FOOBY recipes.

Why are kitchen utensils a good idea for children?

When there’s tasty food on the table, the whole family is happy. But why shouldn't children be able to experience the food being prepared and breathe in the gorgeous aromas during the cooking process? You should plan a little more time for cooking or baking when including your child - weekends are the ideal time for doing cooking or baking sessions together. This way, everyone can discover the different ways of preparing food as well as the different textures. Children get to see food in a whole new light.


Of course, children should always be supervised and helped when carrying out tasks in the kitchen. In addition, it’s essential that the utensils are age appropriate. This means adults have to worry less about children injuring themselves and at the same time, this makes the child feel grown up because they have their own kitchen utensils that belong solely to them. This doesn’t just mean spoons and plates with animal images on them, but also special knives and wooden tools.

The first and most important tool: your own hands

No matter what you’re cooking, you’ve always got your hands to help you out. The first and most important task for all little helpers is therefore to learn to take care of their hands. Before they begin cooking and baking always make sure they wash their hands and that they protect them from sharp objects and anything hot. Once they’ve mastered this, they can start kneading dough, washing berries under running water, sorting lentils and peas, etc. The to-do list may look long, but it is exciting to find out how many steps are involved in preparing a single meal. It is important to remember that if your child touches their mouth at any point, they should wash their hands again before going back to preparing the food.

Knives for children

Knives are just as important as pots and pans when it comes to cooking, but they shouldn’t actually be used by children. However, from the age of about two years and onwards, children can use specially designed knives. These are often made of a material like nylon and are so blunt that there is no risk of injury. Nevertheless, they are still able to cut soft fruit and vegetables. There are also potato peelers especially for children that can be used to make small fruit salads and veggie sticks. It’s important for children to learn as early on as possible how to cut correctly.

Wooden spoons, rolling pins, and spatulas

Stirring soup, rolling out cookie dough, or flipping pancakes in the pan: these are all tasks that children can do well under adult supervision. Wooden utensils are best suited for this. They are usually a bit shorter than the adult versions. And if there is a funny face or a heart on the utensil, children can also give the utensils names.

Electrical appliances for children

Blenders, food processors, and other electrical appliances are intriguing tools for children and it is clear that they want to understand how they work. However, they should not operate them alone, just like they wouldn’t the oven or the dishwasher. Division of labour is everything here. The adult should assemble the appliances, set them up, or fill them up. Only after giving the “ok”, should the child know to switch on the appliance. Pressing the button or flicking the switch is an important task that makes them happy - and everyone can watch with excitement as something completely new is created from just a few different ingredients mixed together.

Aprons, oven gloves, and other forms of protection

Don’t be surprised if the first few cutting attempts don’t exactly go as planned; a piece of cucumber flings off the cutting board or a piece of apple finds its way under the table. It's not the end of the world, but stains on clothing can easily be avoided if the child puts on an apron before they begin. These are available in many beautiful designs and also in children's sizes. If you look like a little chef, you will feel like one too, and carry out your tasks with more enthusiasm.

Because kitchens are built for adults, children often have to stand on a stool if they want to work at the same work surface. The most important thing is that the chair or stool is secure. So it's best to shake it firmly to check before your child climbs on top. You can make it even safer, however, by letting your child sit at the dining table and work from there. This way your child does not have to concentrate on two things at once. It is also important that the cutting mat is non-slip and that there is enough space around it. It doesn't take long to check all of this - and then the kitchen adventures can begin!

little FOOBY Tip

Not only should the tools be suitable for children, but also the tasks they perform in the kitchen. Cutting a banana into pieces with a child-friendly knife is quick and easy. Measuring food or pouring a liquid into a pan at just the right moment, on the other hand, can be a bit overwhelming if the child is too young. Also important: It is better to let children prepare dishes that they like to eat or let the child choose which recipe they would like to cook. This motivates them to want to cook more in the future.

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