Baking with kids
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Baking with kids

Good preparation and simple recipes will ensure a much more relaxed baking experience.

Children perceive the world a lot differently than adults. They use all their senses to experience everything by touching, smelling, and tasting. These senses are put to use even more so when baking together - which is why little ones have so much fun. They also learn about the value of food. So let the baking fun commence!

Preparation makes all the difference

As fun as baking with children can be, it requires a lot of patience and discretion and can sometimes end up being quite nerve-wracking. Like when a cloud of flour suddenly appears in front of you and you watch it slowly sink to the floor and coat it like snow. Or when the eggs and butter slop over the side of the bowl and form a slippery, sticky mass on the tiles. Or when the chocolate mysteriously appears around your child's mouth instead of in the cake batter. Yes, this is what you have to look forward to when baking with kids.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult to keep everything in check, though. When cooking and baking with children, you simply need to prepare well. If you give the children some challenging yet manageable tasks, they will feel more grown up and be more concentrated. This sense of achievement keeps them motivated and means they can proudly enjoy their own baking when they're done. Here are some ideas for how to involve children of different ages.

Children who can already read, for example, can:

  • Read the recipe aloud
  • Get the required ingredients and baking utensils from the cupboards
  • Weigh the flour, sugar, and butter
  • Set the time on the egg timer
  • Operate the mixer

Smaller children can also help. They can:

  • Put ingredients into the mixing bowl, after they've been weighed and portioned
  • Switch on the kneading machine
  • Help to roll out the cookie dough
  • Pour the sponge mixture from the bowl into the baking tin

All children can help with:

  • Taste the dough and lick the bowl and spoon
  • Cut out cookies
  • Decorate the cookies and cakes

By the way: If you kit yourself and your child out in an apron and a baker's hat, you can turn baking with your kid into a fun role-play!

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Sweet and savoury: Which recipes are suitable for baking with kids?

Simple recipes are best suited for baking with children. Cakes and cupcakes, cookies that can be cut out, rolls, and mini pizzas are perfect for teaching little bakers how to bake. To make sure it doesn't get too boring, you can vary the ingredients and jazz up the look a little.

Baking biscuits with a child can get really creative:

You can change the shape of the cookies so the Easter cookies quickly become all-year-round cookies, for example. The gingerbread men can also be served in the pre-Christmas period if you shape them into Christmas trees, stars, or hearts. You can also experiment with colours and toppings. Small pearls, sprinkles, chocolate chips, or nuts - whatever you want.

You can also bake savoury recipes with your child

It doesn't always have to be cake. A classic food to bake with kids is pizza. It's quick and everyone likes it. You can quickly make the dough yourself and then let your kids cover it in the toppings of their choice. A little more patience is required for homemade pizza dough, as it has to be left to rise for about two hours before it can be rolled out and covered in toppings - at least you know the pizza will be super fresh.

Cooking and baking with kids is educational

Even though it doesn't always go as smoothly as you would like, getting children involved in cooking and baking is always a good idea and is, above all, educational. They learn what goes into a tasty meal, a fluffy cake, or crispy bread rolls and get to know which ingredients are needed and where they come from. Kneading the dough shows how much physical strength is needed, and waiting for the dough to rise requires patience. And the kids are just happy to be able to participate in it all. This way children learn to appreciate the value of food and hopefully also to treat it with respect.

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